Newly Discovered Side Effects of Hydroxychloroquine

Given the startling revelation that President Donald Trump has been administered the controversial drug to combat the novel Covid-19 Coronavirus, new side effects have begun emerging.  Patients taking this drug should contact their medical professional immediately if any of these signs begin appearing.


Persistent apricot/carrot coloring of the face


Early morning rage tweeting


Riot incitement


Inability for introspection


Early afternoon rage tweeting


An overall feeling of unsolicited douchebaggery


Tiny hands


Late morning rage tweeting


Extramarital affairs


Blaming President Obama for everything

Examples include


  • My lawnmower won’t start.  God dammit Obama!
  • Target has no toilet paper.  WTF, Obama?
  • My wife refuses to have sex with me.  Thanks, Obama.



Late afternoon rage tweeting


Constipation/General feeling of being full of shit


Distrust of medical professionals


Urge to ingest Lysol Wipes


Late night rage tweeting


Using “okay,” when answering questions in a combative way


Holiday rage tweeting


Tan line around the eyes the same size as the goggles worn by Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Rapid and incessant fast food consumption


Smiling in a creepy serial killer kind of way


Firing people for no reason


Mid-morning rage tweeting


Mid-afternoon rage tweeting


Saturday at 2:00 PM rage tweeting


General feeling of fatigue, (perhaps from late night rage tweeting)


If you believe in medical professionals, you are urged to contact one immediately if you display any of the above symptoms.