Five Reactions from Those Who Met Saul Alinsky on the DNC Floor and Immediately Learned He’s Been Dead Since 1972

It’s been a real Who’s Who on the floor of the Democratic National Convention. Even Saul Alinsky, the controversial community organizer, paid a visit. Here are five reactions from those who met Alinksy and subsequently learned he has been dead since 1972.


Angie Fairchild, 38, Indianapolis, IN

“That’s incredible! Socialism did sound a little too good to be true coming from a man who floated a foot above the ground, leaving a colorful spectral trail behind him as he left.”

Richard Epstein, 27, New York, NY

“That’s comforting, to be sure. I thought he was at the wrong nominating convention with how many times he used the word, ‘negro.'”

Andre de Fuente, 43, Schaumburg, IL

“No, I knew how significant the encounter was. That’s why had him sign my first printing of Reveille for Radicals.”

Nicole Richardson, 19, Santa Fe, NM

“Oh, thank God. I thought it was just some creepy guy who sprinkled me with myrrh resin and said we’d meet again March 4, 2017. “

Mark Hendrickson, 55, Des Moines, IA

“You mean that wasn’t Tim Kaine?”