DNC Drinking Game!

Drink every time someone says that they are NOT Donald Trump

Drink every time Tim Kaine speaks Spanish, in case you forgot

Drink every time Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets booed

Drink every time Bernie Sanders talks about how he was treated unfairly

Drink every time anyone in an ironic pun t-shirt is shown on camera

Drink every time Hillary Clinton is seen wearing anything other than a paint suit from the year 2075

Drink every time a poll is given from a university full of hippies (Looking at you, Vermont)

Drink every time Bill Clinton’s eyes wander to a girl in the 2nd row

Drink every time Chelsea Clinton grimaces out of how little she wants to be here

Drink every time President Obama smiles after realizing he’s almost done with this shit

Drink every time Vice President Biden smiles after not realizing he was asked to leave the stage already

Drink every time if Hillary Clinton laughs way too much at a joke

Finish Your Drink if  a new email leaks spins this whole convention off the rails


by Timothy Latterner

Timothy Latterner

Tim Latterner is the leading expert on pizza folding techniques, black and white cookies, and all things sandwich related. He has written for CollegeHumor, Playboy Magazine, MAD Magazine, and a bunch of other humor publications. He’s a good guy, you should get to know him.