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For Dummies By Dummies

Since 1991, the dummies of the world have been empowered to learn about everything– from personal finance to coding in HTML, from ocarina maintenance to tooth brushing– through the For Dummies ® series. However, sometimes having an expert teaching you a skill can feel like you’re being condescended to, which can lead a prospective learner to shy away from the experience of learning altogether. That is why we’ve developed a new series, For Dummies By Dummies ®.  In each For Dummies By Dummies ® book, we have real, unqualified lay people posing as experts writing to other real, unqualified lay people in a way that is both relatable and completely unreliable. Join us in celebrating some of our newest titles!


Shakespeare, For Dummies By Dummies ®

Excerpt from “Meaning of Important Quotes”

In Shakespeare’s famous play about salad dressing tycoon Julius Caesar, one of the most quotable lines is “A2, Brute?” This refers to Brutus’ betrayal of Caesar. Caesar and Brutus had made a pact that they would only eat healthy food (Caesar was famous for only eating salads, which is why he is the namesake of one of the most widespread types). However, Brutus caved to pressure and, at a vending machine, purchased “A2,” a moon pie. Caesar was so hurt by this betrayal that he immediately died of heartbreak. The great irony is that the unhealthy chain, Little Caesar’s Pizza, also bears his name.



Coaching Basketball, For Dummies By Dummies ®

Excerpt from “Lead with the Fundamentals”

Always start with emphasizing what we in the coaching business call “The Fundamentals.” Do I know what the fundamentals are? Well, do you? If anyone asks you to elaborate, tell them to drop and give you 50 for being a “smart alec.” If they say, “50 what?” tell them that’s it, now they owe you a hundred. Hope they interpret that to mean dollars. Then take that 100 dollars and buy yourself something really nice to celebrate your first day as a successful coach. Maybe a fancy dinner, or a ticket to a show, or a personalized trophy that says ‘World’s Best Coach.’

Bookkeeping, for Dummies By Dummies ®

Excerpt from “You Can Do It Yourself” 

Some people say, “Bookkeeping is hard!” Still others will go out and hire – for money! – a bookkeeper  to “do the work for them.” I am here to tell you that book keeping is easy. It is easy for the simple fact that once you obtain a book, a book is very unlikely to run away. It should just be called “Bookobtaining” with the assumption that you will put the book in your home and continue keeping it indefinitely.


Alternative Energy, For Dummies By Dummies ®

Excerpt from “Where Do We Find Alternative Energy?”

Sometimes, energy is natural. But sometimes, no matter how deep within yourself or your surroundings you look, you just can’t find any. That’s when you need what we are calling ‘alternative energy.’ This can look like many different things – sometimes, it is a Monster or a Red Bull, sometimes it is coffee, sometimes it is just saying, “Screw it!” and eating those three pixie sticks your kid got for Halloween last year that you’ve been hiding on the high shelf in your cupboard.



Python, For Dummies By Dummies ®

Excerpt from “Special Characters in Python”

Now that we’ve established what a python is – which is, of course, a very treacherous snake–, we must learn how to best utilize them for helping us with computers. For centuries, many thought that charming snakes with musical instruments was the best way to control them and to get them to do their bidding. This may have worked when people’s bidding was just dancing out of a basket, but now that you want a snake to help you with your computer, a simple flute ditty isn’t going to cut it.

This is how we get to special characters. As people, we all have characters that are very special to us. I, for one, hold dear the characters Winnie the Pooh and Larry the Cable Guy. Pythons also have special characters in their snakey culture. Though I have never confirmed this with an actual python, I assume this must include the snake from the Jungle Book and the snake from Harry Potter. When you refer to these and use cultural references that resonate with your python, they are going to be more likely to lend a helping hand with your computing.

Feeling inspired to take a front seat on your journey to learning? Our For Dummies, By Dummies ® book series is out now and available at your local bookstore! And we’ve got plenty more titles to be released in the coming year under our series, including Cats (the animal), Cats (the musical), Fantasy Football, Chess, Orchids, Bibliographic Citations, Square Dancing, Writing Guide Books on Topics You Know Nothing About, and Real Estate Licensure. We are committed to bringing the highest standard of content to people like you, the uninformed, by people just like you.