Half A Dozen Other Nice Things That President Trump Has To Say About Hate-Mongering White Supremacists

“Wonderful… beautiful, even… penmanship on some of those venomous, bile-spewing banners and signs.”

“The craftsmanship that obviously went into the making of those Nazi flags… can you imagine the time and hard work?    It shows a real flair and talent for design, I’ll tell you that.”

“Have you ever seen such a large group of folks march in such an orderly, well-defined manner?    I thought that I was watching one of those choreographed numbers on Dancing With The Stars!    Fantastic show, by the way.   Big numbers.”

“Some of these fellas can really toss a mazel tov cocktail.    I mean, it’s like, get the MLB on the line!   We’ve got someone for your pitcher starting line-up.   You know what I mean?   Just fantastic.”

“Have you seen these Grand Wizard robes?    They’re not just…  they have a reputation for the, you know, the white robes.    But these Grand Wizard robes… lots of color.    You think that the members of the KKK don’t appreciate colors other than white?    Just check out these robes.   Very colorful.”

“I’ve said it before, and I don’t mind saying it again…. global warming?   Not so much.    But when the temps outside do get a bit warm, let me just say…  many of these fellas have the right idea, with these nice, short hair-cuts.    And the shaved heads!    Looking good, fellas.   Must be refreshing.”