Best Of 2021

Introducing Giggle, the Search Engine for Determining if You Came up With a Joke or Unwittingly Ripped It off

Do you ever wonder if a slick joke that suddenly materialized in your anxiety-warped mind is a true original or just something you heard years before, unable to place its source? If you’re a humor writer you’ve likely more than once chuckled at your own hilarious wordplay and then thought, “Wait, did Moe say that on The Simpsons?”


Now you can quip with confidence, thanks to Giggle! Got a joke you’re not so sure about that needs extra scrutiny? Let’s Giggle that!


No no, don’t go to—that’s an online store for baby clothes. Google “Giggle search engine” and click the top result.


Wait, no. The top result is “GIGGLE: a search engine for large-scale integrated genome analysis”. Wow, that stuff looks really complicated. Sorry, our intern told us they secured a unique url for our new site.


Ah, here it is, on the fifth page of search results: G1ggle$ Click the link and type your joke into the search bar.


When Peter Gabriel left the band Genesis, why didn’t they change their name to Exodus?


Good one! That has potential niche value, bridging the gap between fans of Genesis’s early prog years and people who are at least vaguely familiar with the first few books of the bible (or the Pentateuch, depending on their religion).

You may have an original joke on your hands. But for a little peace of mind, let our state of the art machine learning assistant double check that for you. The Giggle search engine has returned just one result:


Get two medium one-topping pizzas for the price of one at Domino’s. Visit D0min0$ 


Ok, the intern said they’d handle ad placement and “all the SEO stuff”, whatever that is. I guess I should’ve asked more questions before they left town for semester break.

Let’s try another joke. Type something into the search bar.


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs but for pooping


I don’t know what that is, but it sure sounds funny! Let’s try it out. Giggle says:


Very urgent!! Are you paying too much for contact lenses? Let D1$countContact$.co help!


Hmmm. Maybe that just means there weren’t any matches? Let’s see—type in an obvious joke, something you know has been done before.


Gas station sushi


Great idea. Let’s see what we get.


Were your eyes ruined by cheaply made contacts from D1$countContact$.co? Join our class action lawsuit at D1$countContact$Cla$$Act10n$


So it’s returning ads no matter what you search. Motherfucker, I clicked on that one and it redirected me to the intern’s TikTok page. Ok, it looks like all of Giggle’s search results redirect you to the intern’s TikTok page.

Hold on, they posted a new video a minute ago. They’re looking to one side where some words pop up that say When Peter Gabriel left the band Genesis… now they’re looking to the other side and it says Why didn’t they change their name to Exodus? Now they’re nodding along to that Vampire Weekend song where they mention Peter Gabriel for some reason. Woah, it’s already up to a thousand views!


Ok, the intern just posted another one where they’re air drumming to that Phil Collins song In The Air Tonight and there’s a graphic of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs next to them that’s full of poop emojis. Damn, that was fast!


Hey, do you want to start a TikTok page together? I don’t know what it is or how it works, but I bet we can figure it out as we go. Maybe I’ll hire another intern and actually pay them this time.