Just Like Camping! Dad’s New Apartment Only Has Plastic Silverware

Every other weekend my older brother Ricky and I visit our Dad at his new apartment in Creek Ridge Bungalows. Dad says a bungalow is like a tent. And he’s right! Because just like our tent his place is full of spiders. It’s super fun.


Dad’s apartment is great. He doesn’t have a dining room table. Or chairs. Or a couch. But he’s got two PlayStations and Moana on Blu-Ray! 


Whenever we go to Dad’s house we don’t have to take off our shoes before walking on the carpet. One time I accidentally got mud on it. But Dad says we can’t ruin what’s already ruined. He’s so kooky.


When Dad’s out of Lean Cuisines he lets us order pizza for dinner. And sometimes when we come over after soccer practice we get pizza for lunch. And also we have cold pizza for breakfast. And one time pizza rolls. I love my Dad so much. And pizza.


Dad’s always trying to find new activities for us all to do together. It’s kind of like being in the Scouts. One time when he locked his keys in the car we learned how to open a car with a coat hanger. Another time we learned how to treat a bee sting after all of us got stung in a rock throwing contest. The bee stings hurt a lot but I got a Snickers for hitting the hive the hardest. 


Probably the best part about staying with Dad is he never makes us take baths. If we get dirty he just lets us go swimming in the pool in his apartment complex. We even sneak in soap. He says if they didn’t want us bathing in the pool they’d charge more for rent.


We don’t get to spend every day with our Dad but the time we do spend together is always extra special. I love both my parents, but sometimes I think Mom could take some notes on fun from Dad. He lets us have farting contests.