Are you a Marx Brother or Mark’s Brother?

Marx Brother: Your name is Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, or Zeppo.

Mark’s Brother: Your name is Dave.

Marx Brother: Your family is known for its vaudeville comedy acts.

Mark’s Brother: Your family is known for not taking down their Christmas lights.

Marx Brother: You have four talented brothers in the theater.

Mark’s Brother: Your older brother Mark once jerked off in an AMC.

Marx Brother: Your work has been deemed culturally significant by the Library of Congress.

Mark’s Brother: You got a C- on an Animal Farm essay.

Marx Brother: You’re known for your signature greasepaint mustache.

Mark’s Brother: You’re known for your “free mustache rides” t-shirt.

Marx Brother: Your stage name was invented during a game of poker.

Mark’s Brother: Your nickname, Shit Pants, was coined at camp the summer you shit your pants.

Marx Brother: You and your brothers starred in over 15 successful blockbuster films.

Mark’s Brother: The video of you attempting the cinnamon challenge has 112 views on YouTube.

Marx Brother: Your body of work influenced the comedy stylings of Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, John Cleese, and Carl Reiner.

Mark’s Brother: You convinced your varsity hockey team to destroy a botanical garden for your senior prank.

Marx Brother: You were named #20 on the American Film Institute’s list of Classic Hollywood screen legends.

Mark’s Brother: You were identified in a police line-up after attempting to rob a Taco Bell.

Marx Brother: You once danced on Hitler’s grave.

Mark’s Brother: You don’t vote.