Laffy Taffy Jokes For Adults

Gummies and taffy are no longer just for kids!    The gummies and taffy for adults have drugs in them, which makes the laborious, unpleasant chewing worth it finally.   And when the folks at Laffy Taffy decide to get in the game with their own adult taffy, they’ll need some of these…
Laffy Taffy Jokes For Adults
Why did the fisherman’s wife whittle his oar into a realistic shaped dildo?
She wanted to finally have an oar-gasm!

Why did Gerald drop by the sex toy shop before meeting his friends for dinner?
Because he wanted to strap-on a feed bag!

Why did Officer Garland ask out the attractive female criminal?
Because he wanted to finger her as a suspect.

Why wasn’t Daryl able to get the job at the funeral home escort service?
The position had already been necro-filled.

What did the Wendy’s employee say to his girlfriend when he noticed that their lovemaking seemed a bit different?
Hey, where’s th’ queef?

Why did Geoff purchase the canine version of GQ?
He had heard good things about doggy style.

Why did the ghost go to the adult video store?
He had heard that they have movies featuring boo-kkake.