Michael Cohen’s Legal Flashcards

Questions to look up beforehand (see Yahoo Answers?):



Bribery vs. blackmail

What is a deposition?


* * *


Habeus Corpus: A writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court, especially to secure the person’s release unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention.

Corpus Christi: In Texas


* * *


Important People:


Stormy Daniels: Breasts ($130k)

Candy: Also breasts; VP of Marketing at West Palm Beach Luxury Properties LLC (Venmo processing)

Anna Karenina: Russian novel (US $12.99 | CAN $15.99). Throws herself under a train.

Anna Kusnetzov: Hasn’t been seen since 2006 (€ 60.000)


Michael Flynn: Do not mention Michael Flynn. Change the subject (Compliment Mueller’s tie?).


Hope Hicks: Beachfront property in CT.


Aleksey Mordashov, Andrey Melnichenko, Vagit Alekperov, Alisher Usmanov, Gennadiy Timchenko, Roman Abramovich, Viktor Rashnikov, Aleksey Kuzmichev, Andrei Skoch, and/or Emin: Cough a lot until they forget the question.


Oleg Deripaska: Flip.


* * *


Ask for cell phones back. If play hardball, negotiate down to just Blackberrys #6-8.


* * *


Gotcha Questions:


Qatar/Saudi Arabia: Did not directly solicit investment from Ali Sherif al-Emadi in 666 Fifth Avenue property (the “PROPERTY”) on or about April 2017 on behalf of Jared Kushner (“Who?”).


Was only in Prague to visit the old Jewish cemetery and cash some travelers’ checks


Skybridge Capital LLC: Not aware paid $50m over asking price for mansion in West Palm Beach on or about October 15, 2008.


Anything about Eastern Europe: “Define ‘Eastern.’” Do not mention Michael Flynn.


Lindsay Lohan: Mr. Trump has never personally traveled to the United Arab Emirates. He is afraid of water.


* * *


Seppi DiCaro: Waste management

Salvatore Tessio: Abe Vigoda in The Godfather


* * *


Affirmations / Poise:


“You were the taxi medallion king of New York.”

You look tougher with mouth closed. Smart.

Pinstripes are never out of fashion.

“Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.” – Finding Nemo


* * *


Remember: SHINS (Sean Hannity Is Not a Slumlord)


* * *




* * *


If all else fails: Make threatening phone call to judge’s wife.