Naughty NASA Pickup Lines

Do you want to ask out that special crush, but scared she’ll think you don’t know enough about NASA? We’ve come to the rescue. Here’s a list of titillating pickup lines that’ll melt even the biggest NASA diehard.  


Were you born the day the Challenger exploded? Because you’re the hottest teacher I know.

 Baby, my head is climate study, and your bosom the Republican Congress that’s gonna bury it.

 For Fiscal Year 2015, NASA was appropriated $18 billion from Congress, which was $549 million more than they requested and approximately $350 million more than the year prior. Wanna fuck?

I’ve had my telescope pointed at your window for days.

  Ain’t no problems with your exterior access hatch.

 I’m also underfunded and over-ambitious.

 What are you, Apollo 1? Because you immediately set me afire.

 Well, if you like things named after Lyndon B. Johnson…

 I’m here for the O-ring inspection.