Notable Harvard Alumni, Evaluated By How Much of a Dick They Were to Elle Woods

10. Colin Jost was a total dick and wrote shitty jokes about Bruiser Woods in The Harvard Lampoon

9. Natalie Portman wouldn’t let Elle Woods join her study group and stood by the decision when she was called out on it years later

8. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook with the sole intention to write cruel comments about her, like a dick

7. Priscilla Chan, future wife of that dick Mark Zuckerberg, supported it

6. Jared Kushner hated Elle Woods because she knew even then he was a spineless dick with icky brown hair

5. Conan O’Brien was nice to Elle’s face but a backstabbing dick whenever he’d talk to his guy friends about her

4. Bill O’Reilly was a mega dick to Elle Woods but at least he was upfront about it

3. Matt Damon was a dick but apologized after becoming a dick with daughters

2. BJ Novack was not a dick to Elle Woods.

1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not there at the time but definitely would have been Elle Wood’s best friend.