Only 2180s Kids Will Remember These Sitcoms!

The Facts of Virtual Life


Night CyberCourt




227 on Mars


My Two Hundred Clone Dads


Punk E-Brewster


Newhart 2182


Benson in Space


The Ghosts of The Golden Girls, Who Didn’t Survive the Winter of Death


It’s Garry Shandling’s Exoskeleton


Full House of Refugees From the Space Wars


The Wonder Years, Which Are Before The Space Wars


Who’s the Boss? Invading Alien Overlords Are Now


President ALF


Kate and Allie and Their Alien Supervisor 


Night Court: Mind Crimes Edition


My Two Alien Dads


Forced to Cohabit and Raise…Human-Alien Hybrid Beings


It Is a Pain, Growing In a Pod!


Mama’s Family of Mutants


To Whom Shall You Say “Amen” to Now, For Your God Hath Abandoned You


Coach of Humans to Fool the Aliens Into Thinking They Are Also Aliens


Murphy Brown Shall Lead the Resistance


Designing Women By Whom The Earth May Repopulate


A Different World