Other Scenes Deleted From The Canadian TV Version of ‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’

FOX News recently reported that Canadian television has removed the scene with Donald Trump, as well as several other scenes, from their airings of Home Alone 2.   The Trump omission is certainly understandable, but what exactly were these “other” scenes?

After considering going out into the city in order to get into a series of adventures, Kevin instead decides to hang out in the hotel room all day and watch pay-per-view porn.

When Kevin’s family initially disappears , it’s due to Thanos having snapped his fingers.

Upon realizing that they’ve once again abandoned their youngest child, Kevin’s parents decide to cut their losses and abandon their other kids before changing their identities and heading to the Middle East.

Having just spent a fair amount of time in prison, Marv and Harry are now very capable of rectally smuggling several dozen action figures out during their time hiding in the toy store, which they can then sell in Times Square.

Following the disappearance of their parents, the McAllister children are awarded the entirety of their vast estate, but are then just as quickly sued by the vengeful families of Harry and Marv, who have been left crippled and nursing home bound by Kevin’s abuse.  They are taken in by Kevin’s seemingly friendly pigeon-lady, who wastes no time in selling them into a white slavery / snuff movie ring.

Following the hotel scandal, Tim Curry’s concierge character loses both his job and his now shamed family.   Driven insane by despair, he moves into the vast sewer system.

After a blurry night of fun with bath salts Kevin McAllister burns down The Plaza Hotel.