Other Times Meghan Markle Has Broken Royal Protocol

Meghan Markle has caused a stir by breaking royal protocol many times including not wearing panty hose, baring her shoulders for royal events, and most recently touching her husband’s arm in public.

Here are some other, less reported faux pas:

She has put ketchup on her fish and chips, but not even in a small pile at the corner of the plate like a civilized person, she draped it over every single chip like a cretin.

She is known to address people with the Three Stooges “Hello, Hello, Hello” song.

She rooted for the car that killed Matthew on Downton Abbey.

She’s called it “Downtown Abbey”.

She’s openly admitted to loving Ringo.

She completely disregards the Oxford Comma.

She was heard saying she prefers Kirk to Picard.

Royal women are expected to sit with the ‘dutches slant,’ (knees touching, legs crossed at the ankle) however, Markle is a known manspreader.

She swapped the Queen’s purse with a penny-filled Charlie’s Angel’s lunchbox when the Queen was distracted.

She distracted the Queen herself with her ventriloquism skills, making Prince Charles appear to say “‘ELLO GUVNER”.

Allowed Prince Harry’s hand to touch hers publicly, then made a circle with her pointer finger and thumb and thrust her other pointer finger through the hole while uttering a guttural “oh yeahhhh”.

Ignoring the ‘no shellfish’ protocol, Markle has gone to the endless shrimp event at Red Lobster and went so far as to shove cheese biscuits in her clutch.

She called the Queen’s beloved corgis “Squashed Boxy Foxes”