Quiz: Megachurch or Megamillions?

  1. This institution is designed to suck money from hapless victims with delusions of grandeur.

  2. People devote time every week to this, in order to find a better life, rather than by changing any other tangible aspect of their lives.

  3. People really think they are hopefully bettering themselves, but they are really bettering the organization that set up this structure to begin with.

  4. This institution inspires hope based on the promise of heaven where all your dreams come true.

  5. Millions upon millions of dollars are given to this establishment.

  6. This structure can become engorged with a fecal tumor and lose its ability to function*

  7. Millions of followers believe that putting time and energy into this establishment is the path towards greatness.

  8. This institution is in no way designed to pray on people’s insecurities and dissatisfaction with life.

  9. People can become addicted to following this practice.

  10. This brings out the best qualities in people, and the effects trickle down to their friends and family.

  11. Taxpayers willingly shell out their hard earned money to fund this establishment, which is donation based.

  12. Sometimes this practice is so appealing that people build their lives around maintaining their involvement in it.

  13. This becomes a habit that people will vehemently defend their acceptance of and involvement in.

  14. This establishment is makes millions of dollars off people’s faith in God to make their lives better.

*jk that is a Megacolon!