21 Voting Groups Now Vying for the Position Formerly Held By Soccer Moms 

A caricature of the suburban female voter looms large in American politics. Who are these influential voters? Does the “soccer mom” still exist? Did she ever?  The New York Times

1.   Hockey Moms Who Have Pit Bulls – Not French Bulldogs, Pitbulls


2.   Badminton Aunts


3.   Snowplow Moms


4.   Ice Fishing Mothers


5.   Motherfuckers Who Could Kick Your Ass at Soccer


6.  Gen X Baseball Sons Who Lament the Unfair Rise of Soccer and Lacrosse


7.  Equestrian Stepmothers Who Don’t Give A Shit About You


8.  Pinball Wizards


9.  Soul Sisters


10.  23 & Me Sisters


11.  Mah Jong Grandmothers


12.  Randy Grandpas with Pensions


13. Twisted Sister


14.  Menopausal Midwives


15.  Spelunking Orphans


16.  Pickleball Playing Bros


17.  Roadie Uncles


18.  First Wives Who Should Have Known Better


19.  Second Ex Wives Laughing All the Way to the Bank


20.  Mathlete Millennial Nieces


21.  Non-familial Karens