A Gaslight in the Attic: Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and prayers

Thoughts and prayers

When I tweet it

It gets lots of shares!


This is the only way

To combat guns,

But why is it still happening?

It’s already been done!


We’ve prayed on it so much

We’ve kept them in our thoughts,

But week after week

They keep taking shots!


We follow the Constitution

Laid out by our descendants,

Like the right to bear arms

It’s the second amendment!


Why change what we believe

As the world changes too?

Why should we rewrite the laws

And start anew?


Limit gun access and

Provide background checks?

What would they like

Banning assault rifles next?!


With every shooting tragedy

I’ll still send my thoughts and prayer,

Because without them,

It would seem, I really don’t care.