QUIZ: Disney World EPCOT Center Pavilion Country or Country Felon Trump Banned From Visiting 

It's getting to be a smaller and smaller world after all! Take the quiz!

Homer’s Odyssey Character or Skin Rash Medication

Telemachus, Prednisone, Locaid and more!


Extremely hairy, and if we're being honest, a bit smelly. Tends to spend a lot of time getting into adventures with teen boys in the neighborhood. Rife with a host of odd fungi and parasitic insects that are seemingly not of this world. And more!

Quiz: Nickname For Trump or Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor

Baby Finger, Dirt Cake, Angry Creamsicle, and more!

2023 Spelling Bee Word or Weight Loss Pill

Xentermine, Probouleutic, OxiPHEX, and more!

QUIZ: Classic SNL Sketch or Unhinged Social Media Ad?

You were born into the misinformation age and are addicted to the internet, but which generation are you at heart? Self-diagnose yourself as a true Gen X, Millennial, or Generation Z by testing your dated pop-culture knowledge and your grasp of online marketing grifts.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter or Traditional Passover Food

Zuckuss? Tzimmes? Hazeret? Just try not to dip your Din Djarin in the salt water.

Quiz: Your Cat Or Your Teenager?

They are obsessed with primping, but seem to be allergic to showers and baths. They are perfectly content to be alone. But if you leave them alone for too long, they’ll almost certainly ruin some furniture. TEEN or CAT? Take the quiz!

Coachella Act or TV Sitcom Catchphrase 

Still Woozy, Bang, zoom, to the moon, Alice, Kiss My Grits, and more!

QUIZ: Do You Have a Celebrity Crush or an Unhealthy Attraction to Sexy Psychopaths?

Which of the following do you fantasize about? a. A night of hot sex with the actor who portrays the villain, being fully aware that you may never see him again, and he may not remember your name. b. A night of hot sex with the villain (you know he’ll never kink-shame you) being fully aware that he may forgo a postcoital cuddle in favor of sneaking out to perform assorted evil deeds

WHO TED IT: Lasso or Nugent?

“As the man once said, the harder you work, the luckier you get.” “Every hateful statement ever made about me is a dirty lie.” And more!

Independent Book Store or A Friend’s Goofy Band Name

 Moby Dickens, Ted From Accounting, The Banana Split Infinitives, and more Bookstore OR Band.

Quiz: Have You Fallen Through a Magical Time Portal to Where You’re 17 Again, or Are You Just Self-Isolating Due to a Global Pandemic?

Everything feels totally out of your control so you’ve started making lanyard ankle bracelets. No one understands you except your cat/dog/succulent. You’ve started journaling. And more.

Quiz: Death Row Or Hasbro?

Hasbro buys Death Row Records, do you know which is which?  Ready, set, go...

Be Careful Out There Quiz: 2019 Spelling Bee Winning Word Or STD

Auslaut, Chlamedia, Diguillette and more Spelling Bee Word or STD.

Pop Quiz: Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ or Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’

And the rest is rust and stardust./ Maybe it’s all part of a plan, I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes hoping that you’ll understand. Creepy Book or Pop Song?

2019 Lollapalooza Act or Font

Ariana Grande, Lulo Clean, Childish Gambino and more 'Font Or Band'. Guys, Comic Sans was snubbed AGAIN.

QUIZ: Is it T.S. Eliot or Missy Elliott?

I got a cute face, chubby waist. Thick legs, in shape. / For a similar reason, when game is in season, he is found, not at Fox’s, but Blimpy’s. And more.

Quiz: Did I Cancel These Plans Because I’m A Flake Or Because Mercury Is In Retrograde?

The beach trip to the Rockaways that ended after I texted everyone, “I think it’s going to rain, maybe we should ‘rain check’ hahahaha.” It didn’t rain, but the pun worked well.

Trumpism or Coachella Act

The Violent Left, Rude Elevator Screamers, Cash Cash and more.

Pop Quiz: Our Gang Little Rascal or Alternative Rock Band

Zebrahead, Alfalfa, Froggy, Weezer and more.

Quiz: Literary Journal or Comic Book Villain

Ploughshares, Prometheus, Glimmer Train, Zyzzyva and more.

Who Said It: Acclaimed Murder-Mystery Novelist Agatha Christie or Stand Up Comedian John Mulaney?

“No! In fact, we’re going to frame you for murder!” / "I saw a wheelchair knocked over on it’s side… with no one in it. That’s a bad thing to see. Something happened there. You hope it was a miracle. But probably not.' and more.

Wild Horses Can’t Drag Us Apart, Oy Vey’ and 7 Other Rolling Stone Lyrics Made Age Appropriate

Just by adding “Oy Vey” to a ‘Rolling Stone’ lyric, the band sounds their actual age...

NASDAQ Listing, Rhyme Scheme or Swedish Pop Band

1. ABAB 2. AAC 3. AHO 4. ABBA 5. AA BB 6. AVHA 7.…

Quiz: Ernest Hemingway or “Florida Man”?

Tied a weather balloon to his gun to make his suicide look…

Quiz: Deadly Sin or Snow White Dwarf

1.    Envy 2.   Gluttony 3.   Sneezy 4.   Greed 5.…

Quiz: Actual Ambien Side Effect or Roseanne Ambien Side Effect

1. Clumsiness or Unsteadiness 2 Confusion 3 Depression 4 Difficulty…

Quiz: Vape Flavor or Affectionate Nickname You Should Never Call Any Woman At Work By...

Crazy Chill Jungle Juice Crazy Hump Wild Cherry …

Quiz: Megachurch or Megamillions?

This institution is designed to suck money from hapless…

Quiz: New Diet Coke Flavor or Porn Star

1. Brandi Love 2. Feisty Cherry 3. Cherrie DeVille 4.…

Quiz: Tender Catcall Bestowed Upon Me or Michael Bolton Song?

1. How Can We Be Lovers 2. Are You Taken? 3. Murder My…

Quiz: George Carlin’s 7 Words You Can’t Say On TV or CDC’s 7 Words/Phrases Forbidden By Trump Administration

1. vulnerable 2.piss 3 motherfucker 4. entitlement 5. cunt 6.…

Quiz: Canadian Football League Team or Condom Brand

1. Stampeders 2  Blue Bombers 3. Trojans 4. Tiger Cats 5.…

Quiz: Brazilian Soccer Player or Yoga Pants

1. Neymar 2. Lululemon 3. Kaka 4. Garincho 5. Fabletics 6.…

Quiz: Celebrity Kid Name or Snack Chip Flavor

1. Rainbow Aurora 2. Chile Lime 3. Wasabi Ginger 4. Apple 5.…

QUIZ: Medical Condition or Accounting Firm

1. Baker Newman Noves 2. Epstein Barr 3. Riley Day 4.…

First-Date Customer Satisfaction Survey

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in a…

Quiz: Kyrgyzstani Political Leader or Letters Randomly Typed with My Eyes Closed

1. Almazbek Atambayev 2. Trcghed Acfsfgth 3. Grcguhgyy…

Can We Guess Your Age As Part Of A Deeply Sinister Population Control Program?

It's time for us to come clean, readers. Now that the cat…

The Politically Incorrect Traveler's Exam

Travel magazines, basic cable channels, and websites inevitably…

Trump University Final Exam

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