Department Of Defense Itemized Trump Property Charges

This week CNN reported Defense Department employees charged just over $138,000 at Trump branded properties in the first eight months of Donald Trump’s presidency. Those charges, uncovered!


(Provided courtesy of Department of Defense and Entertainment Tonight)


14 OnDemand showings of Stormy Daniels film, Hail To The Queef


Special, Deluxe Stress-Reducing Massages for each member of staff, following Trump’s last speech.


Carpet cleaning expenses following mishap with Trump’s selection of tanning oils and sprays.


Bar tab following long morning of Trump Tweets.


On-site tailor adjustments to Trump’s bullet-proof vest / girdle, following eighth visit to McDonalds in two days.


Pool cleaning fees (excess hair, tanning oils, chicken nugget sauce, etc.) following trip to pool by Trump.


Twenty seven visits from on-site psychiatrist, counseling Trump staffers who had to be talked off the ledge of a top-level floor.


Fifty-six rentals of private, sound-proof “Screaming Room”, followed by stone massage and valium-vapor treatments.


Room Service delivery of anti-nausea / diarrheal medication.