Names for Trump’s New Political Party

Trump campaign distances itself from new ‘Patriot party’, The Guardian 

It turns out Patriot Party is already taken so now the ex-President is spitballing. Let’s bury the hatchet and come up with some nifty names for a third destructive party.

The Know Fuck-all Party

The High-Flow Toilet Advocacy Group

The Apprentices

The Washington Skinheads

Individual One Inchers

The Career Suicide Squad

Don’s Non-Juans

The Democracy Trumplers

Putin on the Ritz

The Mar A Lago Beach Party

RIMOs – The Republicans in Mental Illness Only

The Trump Ultimate Best Best Party Ever

MAGA Maggots

Mein Coifs



The Cockless Caucus

Putin’s Puppets

The Grand Old Putsch Party

KGB Best


The Ku Klux Kremlin

The Basement Parliament

The Illuminazis

Mein Pillow

Hang Mike Pence Party

Turd Reich

Deutsche Bank Presents

Incel Sams

Low IQAnons

Legion of Dupes

The Legion of Droop


The RapeUblican Party

The Murdered Hooker Buried In The Desert Party

Trump’s Chumps

The Capitol Schleps