Epic Gender Reveal Party Theme Ideas for Men

Football Game Gender Reveal: Hire two professional football teams, one wearing pink jerseys and the other wearing blue jerseys, to stage a carefully choreographed gridiron match up. Near the end of the game the score will be tied and your OB/GYN will enter the huddle before the final play to reveal the baby’s gender to the players. That gender’s team will win the game by an extremely close and nail-biting field goal. Get a photo of the father being carried off the field by the winning team.

Muscle Car Gender Reveal: Set up a giant flaming hoop surrounded by a shark tank filled with great white sharks. Have a 1969 Dodge Charger come racing down the track and fly up a ramp through the hoop and over the sharks. The Dodge Charger will be either pink or blue and driven by the OB/GYN.

Gas Tanker Gender Reveal: Have your OB/GYN fill a gasoline tanker with either pink or blue paint. Plant numerous explosives under the tanker. Have a photographer snap a photo of the father jumping into the air away from the tanker as it explodes, covering the neighborhood in either pink or blue paint.

Bear Wrestling Gender Reveal: Have the OB/GYN insert a note with the baby’s gender into an envelope and tape it to the back of a grizzly bear’s head (sedate the bear for this). Have the father spend the day tracking the bear (which is now awake and fully annoyed), eventually confronting it and wrestling it to the ground, biting the bear many times. Photograph the proud soon-to-be dad opening the envelope while standing on the bear.

Jet Airliner Gender Reveal: Have your OB/GYN fill a 747 jet airliner with either pink or blue paint. Have a pilot (preferably the father, if he is a pilot, or just use the OB/GYN) fly the jet into the side of a mountain (ejecting at the last moment). Take a photo of the resulting explosion of jet fuel, twisted metal, and the fantastic reveal of your baby’s gender.

Lumberjack Gender Reveal: Find a large outdoor area with lots of beautiful, tall trees. Have your OB/GYN inject pink or blue paint into just one of the many, many trees. Give the father-to-be an ax and tell him to start chopping until he finds that tree.

Clint Eastwood Gender Reveal: Hire Clint Eastwood to walk up to the father and flat-out tell him the baby’s gender and ask him if he feels lucky. Clint Eastwood then shoots the OB/GYN.

Nuclear Bomb Gender Reveal: Purchase an old Soviet nuclear warhead off of desperate post-Cold War terrorists and place it into a large empty in-ground swimming pool. Then have your OB/GYN fill the pool with either pink or blue paint. Have your party watch from a few miles away as you detonate the bomb and take photos as the ensuing mushroom cloud reveals whether you are having a boy or a girl.