If Trump Had Run Into The Florida School Shooting

President Donald J. Trump said this week that if he had been present at the recent deadly shootings at a Florida high school, “I really believe I’d run in there, even if I didn’t have a weapon.” 


Here’s what else Trump would have done if he had found his way inside the school:


Tweeted at the gunman from a safe distance, “drop your weapon.”

Beaten the gunman within an inch of his life with the bone spurs that kept Trump out of the Vietnam War.

Sent an attorney to threaten to sue the gunman.

Yelled “you’re fired” at the gunman.

Waited for Congress to pass sanctions against the gunman, then refused to implement them.

See if the gunman was Black, Hispanic or Muslim before deciding if he was a bad guy.

Offered the gunman partial security clearance in exchange for surrendering.

Slapped the gunman silly with his little-bitty baby hands.

Asked the gunman if he had “a really hot sister.”

Reminded the gunman of “my huge win the Electoral College, historic really.”