Literary Classics Reimagined for Flu Season by My Inner Sophomore

Great Expectorations


Slime and Punishment

Jane Eyre-ache

Tissue of the d’Ubervilles

Spittle House on the Prairie

The Adventures of Hackleberry Finn

Sinus Marner

The Fever Dream of the Red Chamber

Catch 22 Viruses

Bridesheadache Revisited

The Scratcher in the Eye

Lord of the Flus

The T-cell Count of Monte Cristo

Atlas Sneezed

The Old Man and the Vitamin C

The Brothers Koughintheirheadsoff

The Lying, the Itch, and the Microbe

Breakfast at Sniffany’s

The Secrete History

Their Eyes Were Watering Good

The Cold of the Woosters

To Have and Have Snot

The Grippes of Wrath

A Sickroom of One’s Own

One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest