More Bluey for You-y

Bluey, that Australian animated television series about two cute puppies and their over-indulgent parents, has made everyone cry with their recent extended-length episode, “The Sign.”  With the overwhelming success of that, the show is now encouraging the production team to start working on new and edgier episodes, coming in 2025:

Nana Goes to the Farm

When Nana gets hurt chasing cars, Mum and Dad have to discuss putting Nana down.

Bath Day

The family is forced to confront the fact that they all hate the smell of wet dog.


Everyone freaks when the flea circus comes to town.

Throw-y Uppy

The family gets a stomach virus but makes a game of it.

Vet Day

When it’s time for Bluey and Bingo’s shots, the family has to deal with an anti-vax pack of dogs.

Mr. Fix-it

After a litter-scare, Dad gets fixed.

Leash Laws

Somehow a cat gets elected as Mayor of Brisbane and starts getting restrictive laws passed. (episode contains flashing images and violent protesters.)


When Lucky’s Dad gets rabies, the girls get sad because they can’t play with Lucky any more.

Dry Food

Bluey goes on a hunger strike until her parents let her eat canned food.

Doggie Style

Bluey and Bingo get into trouble when they advertise a fashion shop they’re setting up in their backyard.

Toilet water

The family has to teach Bingo not drink out of the toilet, even though it’s “RIGHT THERE!”

Get to Know ‘em

The Heeler family makes an ill-advised trip to South Dakota. (series finale)