Gluten-Free John Hughes Movies

Planes, Trains and Autoimmune Disorders Preventing the Enjoyment of Regular Breads and Cakes


The Great Outdoors: Glamping Without Certain Brands of Hot Dog or Grocery Store Buns


National Lampoon’s Wellness Retreat: Stories of Challah Craving Reduction Through Mindfulness and Meditation


Breakfast Club on Millet Toast Will Never Be the Same as Brioche


Some Kind of Wonderful Food Truck Hoagie I Can’t Eat So I’ll Have a Bun-less BLT Again


Pretty in Pink, Prettier in a Collard Green: Mantras to Repeat Until I Believe, or Just Forever I Guess


Uncle Buckwheat Is Not Actually Wheat


Uncle Buckwheat 2: But It Is Earthy and Bitter


Dennis the Menace at Whole Foods Promised I Could Use Buckwheat in Place of All-Purpose Flour in My Mom’s Signature Fluffy Birthday Cake Recipe, but Dennis was Wrong


Home Alone with a Half-Used Bag of $11 Buckwheat Flour and a Dense, Earthy, Cake-Shaped Failure


Sixteen Soy, Vegan, Wheat-Free Candles to Jam into the Buckwheat Puck


Ferris Bueller’s Sick Day Off: Revenge of the Cheat Day Gas Station Powdered Mini Donuts Because Whatever


Weird Science But Science Nonetheless Deciding In Whom and When Celiac Disease Develops From Inflammation Affecting the Gastrointestinal Tract and Causing Damage to the Villi, Which are Small, Finger-like Projections Lining the Small Intestine and Aiding in the Absorption of Nutrients Except in Bodies with Gluten Intolerance Where the Villi Become Shortened and Eventually Flatten Out which Can Cause Diarrhea and Poor Absorption of Nutrients, Abdominal Pain and Swelling, Iron and Vitamin Deficiencies, Low Bone Mineral Density, Itchy Skin Rashes, Defects in the Enamel of Teeth, Chronic Fatigue, Joint Pain, Migraine Headaches, Depression, ADHD, Epilepsy, Poor Growth, Delayed Puberty, Infertility, and Repeated Miscarriages.


Home Alone Again Unless Anyone Wants to Come Over for BLTs, Bunless or on Buckwheat Puck