No Treats?  Here Are Some New Tricks!

Your identity disguised by a Halloween costume, moon their Ring doorbell camera.

Initiate their house pets into a local gang.

When they’re out of town on vacation, rent out their house to film porn. Really messy stuff.

Paint their lawncare equipment a hot neon pink color.

Steal one of the hanging ghost decorations from their front yard, fashion it into a diaper for your baby/elderly parent/grandparent to wear for 24 hours, then return it to it’s original position in their front yard.

Throw their own eggs at their house, so that they’re forced to gather the funds to go out and buy more.

Hold a well attended yodeling contest in their back yard.

Set up a dozen or so porta potties on their front lawn.

Trap a particularly violent poltergeist in their bird-house.