Overheard At The G7 Summit…

“G7? Aw, man… I could’ve had a V8!”

“Hey, what’s with all of the borscht and beef stroganoff on the menu this time?”

“No Mr. President, that’s just a conga line, not a human centipede.”

“While these sessions will indeed cover the subject of gender equality, no, that doesn’t mean that you can grab anyone by their genitals. And please stop chewing with your mouth open.”

“The tariffs on the aluminum and steel imports are one thing, but this… this store brand guacamole…. Well, dammit… that’s just the last straw!”

“Whoever drew the unflattering cartoons of Angela Merkel on the walls of the men’s restroom… Very uncool. C’mon guys! The janitorial staff are having a lot of trouble removing them! And no one really has that much acne on their bottom.”