Storylines for the Next Batch of Cloverfield Movies

The Cloverfield FRIENDS!

At last, the 90 minute “Friends” reunion you’ve been waiting for! Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey and Monica get back together for one last round of hijinks when Chandler goes missing. Together they search the Big Apple, enlisting the help of Mayor Oprah Winfrey. After an exhaustive search, it seems the Friends may have lost their friend forever. Eighty-five minutes into the film, Joey falls into an open manhole and discovers a small Cloverfield monster eating Chandler’s lifeless body. For the last five minutes of the film, “Friends” fans are treated to the disturbing visual of monsters devouring Joey, as the live studio audience applauds his demise.

The Cloverfield Field

90% nature documentary, 10% Cloverfield film: This installment of the Cloverfield Franchise expertly repurposes unused footage from Disney’s Planet Earth. View the beautiful world around us and all the majestic creatures who inhabit our planet. But wait! What’s that in the distance? Is it the flying Cloverfield monster from 10 Cloverfield Lane? It certainly looks like it, but we won’t know for sure until the next Cloverfield film.

The Cloverfield Post

The inspiring true story of a team of journalists on track to uncover the largest international-pedophile ring in history, spanning the upper echelons of Parliament to sex traffickers in the deep South. This is the story of journalism at its finest and those brave enough to cover the most shocking international conspiracy to hit the press. After a monster destroys New York City over the course of one night, will these reporters be able to handle having their expose bumped from the front page?

Camp Cloverfield

Camp may be closed for the season, but that won’t stop the counselors from returning over Christmas Break for a quick make-out session in the woods. The only thing standing between them and a good time is a one-legged man with a pair of hedge trimmers and a creepy Bart Simpson mask from the early 90s. The one-legged man decapitates the counselors one by one, leaving only Clarissa, the spunky, first-year counselor who wasn’t sure if she wanted to come back in the first place. Just as the one-legged man is about to trim her hedges, he is eaten alive by a rogue Cloverfield monster, leaving Clarissa with a whole new set of problems.

The Cloverfield Epidemic

J.J. Abrams said, “The best thing about Cloverfield is that it’s a multi-dimensional story. Anything can be Cloverfield if it’s happening in a different dimension.” In The Cloverfield Epidemic, the monster manifests as a virus that attacks the bloodstream, causing people to grow demonic teeth in their eyes. Soon, most of the continental United States is knocked out by the disease, save for one hospital in Atlanta where a small boy is immune to the virus. With most of the hospital staff infected, will they be able to isolate a cure from the boy’s DNA and save the human race? 

The Cloverfield Effect

Finally, after 23 movies, a Cloverfield film that promises an in-depth look at the original Cloverfield monster and the aftereffects of its destruction of New York City. Things hit a snag 10 minutes into the film when the studio cut the film’s budget. The Cloverfield monster begins to look like an early Nintendo 64 creation. Forty-five minutes into the film, viewers are treated to a message from executive producer J.J. Abrams in which he and an uncredited camera operator perform a staged reading of the remainder of the script. It is encouraged that fans use the recording to finish the film on their own, in hopes Netflix will pick it up eventually.