Trump Calls to World Leaders

President Donald J. Trump reportedly became angry during a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Australia and berated the Aussie leader before hanging up on him.

Apparently that wasn’t the only such incident. Here are excerpts from other phone conversations the President had with foreign heads of state that were less than Presidential:


Don’t make me hang up on you again, you crazy bloke!”

The Republic of Georgia:

“You have the weirdest Southern accent I’ve ever heard. I can’t understand a word.”


“Yes, Bibi. Of course, Bibi. Whatever you say, Bibi.”

South Korea:

“Are you the good Korea or the bad Korea?”


“And don’t think we’ll be any easier on you just because you’re an endangered species.”


“Vladimir would never do anything like that. Liar! Rigged!”


“OK, explain to me again what happened at this Geneva Convention thing.”


“Trump only talks to the top dog. Put Fidel on.”


“You still haven’t found that damn birth certificate? You’re fired!”