Ways In Which The Axios Interview Could Have Gone Worse For Trump

Trump forgets to wear pants to the interview, the heat rash from extended diaper use clearly visible to viewers.

After years of severe abuse and unnatural styling, his entire head of hair suddenly disintegrates in a puff of dust live on camera.

The ghost of Jeffrey Epstein drops by unannounced during the interview to talk wistfully with Trump about “the good old days”.

Trump admits finally that the true source of the Coronavirus is the unprotected sex between he and Stormy Daniels.

During mid-interview, USPS worker delivers an edible beef jerky arrangement to Trump from Putin.

Trump admits to currently owning several slaves.

Satan stops by to quickly grab Barron’s soul and at the same time publicly endorse Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Trump hugs and gropes the confederate flag in the same way that he hugs and gropes the American flag.

While being interviewed, Trump slowly eats a living kitten on camera.

Realizing things are quickly going south, Trump tosses a few cans of tear gas onto interviewer Jonathan Swan.

Miss the video? You gotta watch it here: