Best of 2023

5 Summer Activities That Make Me Think You Might Be AI Generated

Now that it’s summer, it’s time to start thinking of all those activities you’ve been waiting to do all year! Especially this summer, with AI threatening to destroy life as we know it, it’s more important than ever to experience what little bits of human joy we still have left!! 

Now I know fun is subjective and there are many ways to indulge. I don’t judge! But, personally, there are some activities I believe to be so generic and dumb that only a computer could come up with it. (No offense to computers. My phone is a computer and I love my phone. But my phone also turns itself off after being left in the sun for 45 and a half seconds.) 

What I’m trying to say is – while there are many activities to enjoy this summer, a few of them leave me suspicious. So, here is my list of things I’ll be looking out for this summer that make me wonder, “did you really think of this yourself or was this part of your summer data download?”

  1. Swimming Laps 

First of all, I’m not surprised AI came up with this. Swimming back and forth in a line feels like a software engineer’s idea of fun. You MIGHT get me to believe you’re a real person if I see you doing this, but as soon as you put one of those swim caps on, the jig is up. One of the most ridiculous hats ever invented. Just to be clear- Less access to oxygen AND people think you look bald? Also, you can’t even watch TikToks to pass the time (because of being underwater). No free-thinking person would agree to this.

  1. Any type of picnic in any location 

If there’s one thing I know about food it’s that you don’t eat it off the ground. AI has basically zero experience with food, so I trust my own opinion here. For example, a computer has never even eaten a sandwich whereas I’ve probably had a sandwich about 200 times. It doesn’t taste better when you eat it outside and it never will. Personally, I think one or two seconds of critical thought would bring this idea to a halt. Also: bugs??????

  1. You have two layers of teeth superimposed onto each other 

The only time this happens in real life is with sharks and I think Steve Harvey probably. Otherwise, it’s a dead giveaway. Nice try, AI.

  1. Ice Cream Cone 

Wayyyyyyy too on the nose…. and your shirt, your hand, your shoes, etc. Also it’s somehow in between your phone and its case? You’re sticky and all you have is two balled up napkins. There was no thought or life experience behind this decision. Just get the cup!!!!!! I’m so tired.

  1. All your fingers are thumbs

Is that a father and son playing catch? Nope! That ugly mitt is actually just an AI generated hand. This one can be easy to miss, but one look at those fingers and I know for SURE that I’m looking at something AI generated. 


Don’t ask me for suggestions on what you should be doing for fun this summer. I’m addicted to screens and probably won’t be going outside because of the glare. However, occasionally it’s nice to open the window and feel the warm sun on my skin. The warm breeze is a nice reminder that I am human and not 4,000 lines of code. And I think that’s pretty cool. In conclusion, I give summer 14 thumbs up!