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Audience Reviews From Romeo and Juliet’s Opening Night

“I’ve been to Verona and it looks nothing like that.”

“The words they were using were English, but the order in which they said them was all wrong.”

“Mercutio kept looking at me.”

“As someone whose family is also mired in a generations-long feud, it felt nice to be represented.”

“Who is this Shakespeare everyone is talking about? Did he play Romeo?”

“If I would have known this was a girly play I would have never come.”

“Who were those people, and what was going on with them?”

“My family is currently saving up for our own private crypt.”

“There weren’t even any wizards or dragons or anything.”

“I had a roach in my popped corn.”

“Why are plays so long nowadays?”

“Do you have to become a friar to wear a big brown flowy robe with rope for a belt?”

“Took me right back to when I was a horny, wealthy teenager.”

“Something about iambic pentameter always takes me right out of the story.”

“What scent of candle did you use for the foot lights? They smelled lovely.”

“That was so obviously written by Marlowe.”

“What was it about?”

“I have a feeling that balconies are going to become more popular after this.”