Most Hilarious White House Pranks!

President Gerald Ford, a master tightrope artist who performed for years early in his adult years with The Flying Wallendas, pranked the American people by years by faking a clumsy nature.

First Lady Nancy Reagan was quite the jokester, using the prank-loving holiday to rearrange the furniture in the bedroom she shared with the President as he slept.  He typically didn’t notice the difference, but she persevered nonetheless.

President George Bush carried a specially made, extra-strength electric joy buzzer with him at all times, which he would deploy 24/7 on April Fools Day.  The same technology was later used by the CIA to electrocute the testicles of captured enemies of the state.

Obama delighted in placing whoopee cushions all throughout the White House, until April Fools Day 2010, when a defective cushion popped loudly, leaving a White House landscaper shot and killed by startled Secret Service agents.

President Trump is said to be quite the good-natured prankster himself, although the only proof we have of this to date are his plans for the American healthcare system.