Lame Late Night Horror Shows

Halloween is a great time for scary movies.  Especially bad scary movies.  Especially these:

“The Power-Walking Dead”- The country becomes overrun by zombies that walk really fast.

“Frankenstein Meets the Press”- We get the monster’s views on bread and fire.

“I was a Teenage Teenager”- The gruesome tale of a young girl who hits puberty.

“Godzilla v. Mothra”- The tale of the lawsuit that shook Japan!

“Hidden Dragon, Crouching Pumpkin”- The stunt-wire remake of “The Legend of Sleepy Hallow.”

“T.G.I.Friday the 13th”- Where terror is on the menu.  And sliders.

“Aberzombie & Finch”- Zombies overrun a mall and be stylin’!

“CSI: Transylvania”- They are the specialists the police call when villagers with torches and pitchforks aren’t enough.

“When Harry Met Frankenstein”- What happens when best friends become lovers and then become victims?

“See-SAW”- Horrible things happen down at the playground.

“It Came From Outer Mongolia”- A yeti makes its way to New York and soon the ASPCA is after him.

“Queen Kong”- Giant ape escapes and destroys San Francisco.

“The Cabinet in the Woods”- A cupboard is a portal to hell and ugly china.