Masterclasses Coming To A YouTube Ad Near You

Daring the Grocery Store Greatly with Brene Brown: Courage in the Face of Fear and Fruit Snack Shortages

Ken Burns Presents: Sullivan’s Secrets: Become the Sullivan Ballou of Sexting During Hard Times

There’s Something About Sourdough with Samin Nosrat

Accepting That You’re Never Going to Learn the Cello: A Comprehensive Class on Self Realization and the Ambiance of Silence with Yo-Yo Ma and Brian Eno

Mo Willems, Mo’ Problems: Trix to Keeping Your Sanity While Reading The Entire Mo Willems Library Every Day, with Mo Willems, Bless Him

Mindy Kaling on Fashion Shows, Fashion Shows, Fashion Shows at Lunch: Homebound Covid Couture, a History

Hula Hooping, but No Cool Tricks or Anything. Just Circles and Power Poses with Jack Black (Chaps and hats optional)

Combustion Mechanics of OK To Wake Clocks (ADVANCED class with Adam Savage)

Nicole Cliffe Presents: Toast

Drunk Crafting with Amy Sedaris

Gwyneth Paltrow presents goop on Goop: Slime, Kinetic Sand and More Shit That’s Never Coming Out of Your Carpet But Fuck It, We’re All Gonna Die Anyway!…Unless You Buy This Specially Curated Set of Candles

I Am Not Throwing Away My Slot: Vigilance, Grit and Determination in the Face of All Odds of Snagging an Instacart Delivery Time, with Lin Manuel Miranda

Failed It! On Not Giving a Fuck about your Grades Right Now and Properly Shaming any Professor who Does, with Dr. of Nailorfaillology Nicole Byer and Special Guest Jacque “Fuck it, Eat Chocolate on the Couch!” Torres

Cheryl “Dear Sugar” Strayed Shares Her Wisdom in: You Could Hate Yourself….or You Could Not: A Guide to Realizing You’ll Finish None of Your Quarantine Projects and That’s Okay, Sweet Pea

Just So Many Memes: So Many with Your Memeology Expert, Kombucha Face Girl

The Ghost of Miss Cleo Shares her Secrets in ‘Start Your Own Psychic Hotline to Make Friends and CoronaCash’

Economics Of Nobody Having a Damn Job Anymore!! (Rotating Guest Lecture Series feat. Everybody, Literally Everybody, Fuck!!)

Pop Tart Flavors, Ranked (Summer Intensive with Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer)

Centering Yourself in Tough Times Through Yoga with Comedian Ari Shaffir, His Dog Bandit, and a Bottle of Jack Daniels