NOTICE: Curriculum Update to Reflect Current Industry Standards: Department of Journalism & Creative Media, University of Alabama

To the Class of 2021,


Welcome to the Department of Journalism & Creative Media here at the University of Alabama. We have always been committed to instilling strong values and ethics into each of our young communicators.


However, given recent events and the political climate, the faculty has felt the need to update the curriculum. Below is an updated listing of core courses that better reflects the current industry standards and the skills needed to succeed in 2018 and beyond.



101: Liberal or Left-Leaning? The Truth About Your New Roommate

105: The Fake News Media and the Decline of Society



107: All You Ever Need to Know is Probably Already on Twitter Somewhere

110: Arguments for Argument’s Sake, and Argument’s Sake Only

Additional Workshops: Yelling Loudly for Television, Yelling Loudly for the Web



202A: Introduction to Reporting OR

202B: Introduction to Broadcast Television

NOTE: Sevens and below are not eligible for Introduction to Broadcast Television.

209: Embracing Your Inner Deplorable and Outer Bias



210: Reporting on Ethics and Diversity: Who Needs It?

211A: Techniques for Tastefully Apologizing for Nazis OR

211B:Techniques for Tastefully Apologizing for the KKK



305: Intermediate Grandstanding, Showboating and General Boorishness

307: Critical Adjectives and When to Apply Them

2018 Guest Speaker: Little George Stephenopoulos



308A:The Benefits of Lying on Television OR

308B: The Benefits of Being Blonde on Television

NOTE: Nines and below are not eligible for The Benefits of Being Blonde on Television

315A: Media Law: Defending Yourself from Sexual Harassment Lawsuits OR

315B: Reporting and Reporting On Sexual Harassment Allegations: Don’t Do It



415: Media Law: Covering Up Your Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

417: Blame, Accuracy, Accountability and Other Things That Shouldn’t Concern You



421: Advanced Deflection, Whinging and Backpedaling

NOTE: Advanced Deflection, Whinging and Backpedaling is most helpful for fives and below, but we feel that this material will benefit our student body as a whole.


424: What’s a White House Communications Director Do, Anyway?