Other People Mike Pence Won’t Dine With

Pence’s wife has announced that Mike Pence never dines with women alone. Here’s who else is on the no-fly list.

1. His Wife In A Mirror

2. Anyone Humming Whitney Houston Because You Are Not To Have One Woman, Let Alone “Every”

3. Even Half Of Dolly Parton

4. Jeffrey Tambour **Only On Shoot Days**

5. Gray’s Anatomy Writers For Whole Other Reasons HOW DARE THEY KILL MCDREAMY

6. The Bachelor Contestants, Except For The Shark / Dolphin

7. Anyone Who Is Either A “Steel” Or “Magnolia”

8. Anyone Who Can Tell Whether They’re A Charlotte

9. Anyone Who’s Eaten Before This And Will Choose Salad

10. Mrs. Potts

Looks like someone will never be our guest.