Questions That Couples on Love Is Blind Should Ask Next Season for Way More Successful Relationships

Are you here to find true love or to boost your Instagram following?

Would you be willing to show me your YouTube search history and/or your For You page on TikTok?

How many times do you typically snooze your alarm in the morning?

What is the correct pronunciation of GIF?

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Why or why not?

After grocery shopping, do you return your shopping cart or leave it where you parked?

If you use your phone in bed while your partner is trying to sleep, do you turn down the screen brightness?

When you have a hangnail, do you neatly trim it with cuticle clippers or tear it off and immediately regret it when your finger starts bleeding?

In “Dancing on My Own,” does Robyn sing “I’m not the girl you’re taking home” or “I’m not the guy you’re taking home”?

How would you answer The Trolley Problem?

When you’re rude to Siri or Alexa, do you worry that you’re contributing to the oncoming robot uprising?

If we got married and at some point had to join the witness protection program, what would you choose for your new name?

If you could have dinner with any five people from history and serve them a meal consisting of spray cheese, Circus Peanuts, and expired grocery store potato salad, whom would you choose?

If I sent you to the 1950s in a time machine, what useful information would you bring back for me?

If aliens invaded Earth, would you join the human rebellion despite the personal risk, or would you survive by ingratiating yourself with the aliens and selling out your neighbors?

If you were bitten by a zombie, would you (1) immediately end your life before you turn in order to protect others, (2) risk saying goodbye to your loved ones first, or (3) follow the adage “If you can’t beat ʼem, join ʼem!” and live your best zombie life?

If you were in a plane that crash-landed on a desert island, and you and the other passengers were slowly starving to death, would you bring up cannibalism first or wait for someone else to suggest it?

If you end up rejecting me at the altar, how would you feel if I revealed your deepest, darkest secrets to achieve my dream of becoming an Instagram microinfluencer?