The Republican Twilight Zone

There is another dimension beyond all logic known to man. It is a dimension of arrogance as vast as space and as bottomless as voter fraud allegations. It is the middle ground between Mike Pence and Kelly Anne Conway, between science fiction and Trump Tweets. It lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of man’s maskless indoor gatherings. It is an area which we call… The Republican Zone.



Episode Title: Nightmare at 20,000 feet of misinformation




Willie Shafter,  A young liberal. Activist. Bernie Supporter. He lives in his liberal bubble in the heart of Los Angeles. But he is about to find out his true destination happens to be in the darkest corners of… The Republican Zone.

Willie sits cozy and snug on the safest airline for leftists, Alaska for Stimulus Airlines, But after the flight takes off, a noise catches Willie’s attention from the seat pocket in front of him. When he looks inside the pocket, he is horrified to see an issue of OANN, One American News Network, right-wing news! But when he shows the magazine to the stewardess, IT’S A REGULAR SKY MALL! Willie is confused, but apologies to the stewardess and decides to connect to the internet instead. But when she signs on to the airline wifi, THE ONLY APP AVAILABLE IS PARLER, THE SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE FOR REPUBLICANS!

For now, Willie is alone, but his knowledge of misinformation will not remain isolated. Tangible evidence can be spotted from the most unintelligible shoutings from … The Republican Zone.

Episode Title: To Serve Man…an Unlivable Wage




A candidate. Party: Republican  State Origin: Unknown. Motives: Therein hangs the tale. A tale from … The Republican Zone


A loud unyielding candidate runs for office, promising to serve man. In the end, he didn’t lie. He served them unlivable wages and an economic, health, and housing crisis of epic proportion!


The cycle of going from the most powerful country to the most ridiculed is one that can only happen in… The Republican Zone


Episode Title: Eye of the Re-molder




A statue lives in a world of darkness, the size of bandages wrapped around itself.  In a moment, we’ll look under those bandages. But do not be surprised at what you see, because that statue isn’t just any monument. It’s a monument that lives in… The Republican Zone.


Hugh Clunker, a politician, stands before a statue mummified in gauze. Hugh asks the doctor if the surgery to remove the racist defecations, which some vandal put on the monument, has been successful. The doctor tells him that they won’t know until they remove the bandages. This has been the monument’s 11th surgery. If it doesn’t work, they will have to remove it from society. Hugh pleads with the doctor to make an exception. But there is nothing the doctor can do. The doctor removes the bandages to reveal a confederate soldier defaced with a plaque recognizing the terribleness of slavery. ‘No Change! The plaque is still there!” The doctor screams. “It’s hideous!” Hugh screams as he runs away in horror.


Now,  you may ask yourself, “what kind of world is it where horrific statues are the norm? A place that is known as… The Republican Zone.


Tune in next week for: “Finally, All the Time in World Because of Maskless Gatherings & COVID!”