Totally Straight High School News Your Administration Will Approve Of

“Student journalists dedicated their final issue in June to LGBTQ issues, writing two columns on the topic and a news article about the origins of Pride Month. Then, after publication, the school retaliated.” –NYT, 8/29/22

Report From Back of Band Bus: Nothing Queer To See Here

Choir To Put on Concert Consisting of Dave Matthews Band Discography

Closeted Science Teacher Gives Lesson in Straight Physics

Homecoming Court Includes No Students With Hair Dyed Purple

AP English Writes Essay on Heterosexual Themes in Writing of Oscar Wilde

Administration Bans Queer Students From ”Sitting Like That”

Drama Club Putting on All Straight Production of ‘A Chorus Line’

Football Team Promises They Still Use Gay as an Insult

English Department Announces Pronouns No Longer Allowed in Student Writing

Op-Ed: 347 Reasons Why Principal Davis is Heterosexual, by Principal Davis

Cafeteria To No Longer Serve

Guidance Counselors To Hold Seminar on Getting Into Any School Except Emerson College