What’s OUT and What’s IN for 2020

What’re the hottest, hippest trends in town? What’s so cool that it’s hot, hot, hot? What difference does it make to you? What are you, some kind of creep? The answers to these questions and more can be found here!!

Out   /   In

Using public restrooms. /  Using the bucket in the trunk of your car.

Brunch   /  Beef jerky and cough syrup at 3 AM.

Netflix  /  Old VHS taps of Wheel Of Fortune.

TikTok  /  TokTik

Showers  /  Being hosed down and deloused by jailers.

Viking funerals  /   Vikings who live forever.

Jennifer Aniston  /  Adult film star Jennifer Ass-A-Ton

Anal bleaching   /   Anal fabric softening

Doggie style  /   Bestiality

Chinese checkers  /   Japanese jump rope

Twitter  /  Writing on bathroom walls

Voodoo dolls  /   Sticking dozens of needles into your enemy’s body.

Breakdancing  /  Breaknapping

Skinheads / Shaving your head due to lice.

Meth / NyQuil enemas

Parachute pants / Parachuting without pants.

Food trucks / Eating whatever you’ve run over in your truck.

Spin the bottle / Spin the bong

Breastfeeding in public. / Posting videos of your breastfeeding on YouTube.

Tramp stamp tattoos. / Official notarized certification designating you as a tramp.