Overheard at Trump/Cruz Dinner

President Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz officially put their campaign feud behind them when the President hosted Cruz and his wife Heidi for dinner tonight at the White House.

The one-time rivals spoke glowingly of each other as well as their spouses during dinner.


“In order to make you feel at home, Ted, we’ll be playing “O, Canada” before the meal.”

“Why, thank you, Donald. Can we hear the Russian national anthem after that?”

“I hope you enjoy the entree, Ted. I had them fix crow just for you.”

“I can’t endorse this meal.”

“Careful, Donald. Oh, I was afraid you were going to spill your beans. But you didn’t. False alarm.”

“I want to thank you, Lyin’ Ted. I learned a lot from you — like when I estimated the size of my Inauguration crowd, talked about voter fraud, revealed the Obama wire tapping thing and then denied all kinds of Russian stuff.”

“Why, Melania, you’re just as beautiful with your clothes on.”

“Just want to let you know, Ted, that I plan to pardon your father for his role in the Kennedy Assassination.”