8 Acts Weirder Than Hans Zimmer Playing Coachella

Think Hans Zimmer playing Lion King at Coachella this weekend is the weirdest mashup you’ve ever heard? Think again. Here are 8 other hot tickets no one would expect.

Marilyn Manson Does The Super Bowl

He sings his new hit, “America, The Beautiful People”.

Tim Gunn on next “Fast And The Furious”

It’s “The Fab And The Fiercestest,” and he makes it work.

Beyonce Doing That Song Your Dad Said She Should Do

Dad, she’s not doing it.

Carmen Electra Does Greek Tragedy

“When Electra meets Elektra, sparks fly!”

Carrie Underwood On Game Of Thrones

Admit it, you’d watch.

Rosie O’Donnell In A Quiet English Drama

(on a phone) “I’m down town. Where is Abby?”

Paris Hilton Doing Price Is Right

“I dunno, like a million dollars?”
“You think this Ivory soap is a million dollars?”
“And is the can of Pringles higher or lower?”
“What is a Pringle?

Bill Murray doing Trump’s taxes on the White House lawn.

No one would ever believe you.