All I Want For Christmas Is YouPorn

It’s that magical time of year again, when the naked people on YouPorn are all wearing Santa hats and going much further than kissing beneath the mistletoe.    Allow your equally lonely friends at Weekly Humorist to give you a hand in getting the most from your experience with these sure-to-please recommendations!

Wet Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest;  Jiggle Bells

NativiTea-Bagging; MistleCamelToe

I Came Upon A Midnight Rear; Noggy Style

Secrete Santa; All I Want For Christmas Is Spew

Brown Christmas; That’s Not Coal In Your Stocking

Group Of Carolers Doing A Gang Bang; Nudeolph’s Reindeer Games

Eggnog Enema; I Saw Mommy Fisting Santa Clause

Elf On A MILF; Stepmom Into Christmas

Fireplace HD (it’s really a rather soothing way to unwind from all the disgusting fun)