Bingeworthy New Kidlit Adaptations, Coming Soon From The Producers Of Breaking Bad

“Netflix’s gritty adaptation of Anne of Green Gables will return in 2018 for season 2. … Anne with an E creator Moira Walley-Beckett, who worked on Breaking Bad, said that she took a grittier and more realistic take on the timeless classic.”—express.co.uk

“Netflix’s dark, gritty reboot of Anne of Green Gables has all the subtlety of a chalkboard smashed over your head.”—Slate

Orange Is the New Purple: Harold’s crayon habits—described by prosecutors as “literally graffitiing everywhere”—land him in juvie.

TransPaddington: Will the Brown family still accept him when they learn he identifies as an alpaca?

Stranger Thing One and Thing Two: During a home invasion by an otherworldly cat and his henchmen, two kids’ lives are turned violently upside down.

Junie B. Jessica Jones: Junie’s the bestest sneaky-peeky detective, except when she’s on a yucky-blucky bender.

Black Mirror on the Wall: If you thought the evil queen was scary before, wait till she traps Snow White in a plausible, only slightly updated Amazon Echo.

Tweeds: Mary finds her secret garden overrun with smokable plants and joins a Yorkshire cartel.

Under Six Feet: Thanks to everyone flattened by their Giant Peach, James and the ladybug launch a successful mortuary.

The Americats: How long can Tabitha Twitchett hide her true identity—and her Beretta 84FS—from Mittens and Tom Kitten?

The Walking Fed: After days of nonstop bingeing, the very hungry caterpillar staggers, zombielike, into an eating-disorder clinic.

Guestworld: Eloise’s life at The Plaza is shattered when she realizes she’s an android who exists for the pleasure of Weenie and Skipperdee.

House of Carbs: If you give this mouse a cookie, he’ll take over the whole goddamn bakery.

Breaking Jaws: Willie Wonka and Charlie make some surprisingly addictive blue gobstoppers.