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Ex-Barber Builds Home Out Of Human Hair

SVENSPOT, Sweden — Most people work all their lives to be able to afford the home of their dreams, but Oslo Thorgensson’s dream was a little different than most.

Thorgennson spent most of his adult life as a barber in his native town of Svenspot, Sweden.

Fascinated by hair since he was a small child, he kept every single hair he ever cut from every single customer he ever had, over his 40 odd years in business.

He kept the hair in bales, in a separate storage house, like some farmers keep hay in a silo.

Last year he retired to build the home of his dreams, an entire home made from human hair.

It took him almost two years to build.

He wove the hair together, shaped it, styled it, and sprayed it into the home of his dreams.

When questioned about the strength of the whole thing, he explained.

“ Hair is a lot stronger than most people give it credit for. The hair that holds my door in place is tightly knotted, and in other areas where strength was important, I even braided the hair, if I felt it was necessary.”

He went on to elaborate that “ anyone who ever got a knot in their hair knows it’s almost impossible to get it out without cutting it out.”

The only rules in his house are no smoking, and no gum chewing, and if you’ve ever gotten gum stuck in your hair, you already understand why.

Washing his hair home can be problematic, but he uses a special shampoo that he developed that is fast drying, and doesn’t cause split ends.

Thorgensson says, “ On a sunny day, … and in Sweden our sun is very strong, … you can look at the shape, or the outline of the house, and you won’t see any split ends sticking out, like you do when you look at some women’s hair in the sun. My house has the healthiest hair in the neighborhood”, he says proudly.

The most interesting part to some people is the assortment of colors. The front of the house is blonde, while the rear is brunette.

The sides are brown and black, with little flecks of gray, and the roof is red.

Thorgensson said he always favored red, and “it’s the easiest to take care of, and the most manageable, which makes it perfect for the roof.”

He claims he’s never bored, and loves just lying back, and looking up at all the hair he’s accumulated.

A far as problems are concerned, he claims that his biggest problem is wind, because it often changes the shape of the house, and he has to hold some of the hair in place with clips, in order to keep it from looking windblown.

He has hair curtains over the windows, which kind of gives the effect of someone having their hair hanging in their eyes.   “You almost want to brush it back sometimes”, he says.

Not everyone is particularly thrilled with Thorgensson and his house of hair. The neighbors are threatening to sue for ruining their property values.

Olaf Turngren for one says he hopes his neighbor’s house goes bald for what it’s done to the neighborhood.

“ First of all”, he says, “sight-seers come at all hours of the day and night. The man is stark raving mad, and no one reputable will want to live here anymore. It’s a shame.”

And Thorgensson’s wife Rebecca left him after being married for thirty years, because of his hair house. When contacted by WWN she would only say, “ I put up with a lot over the years, but if he thought I was gonna lay down with him on a bed of hair every night, he was sadly mistaken. This hair fetish of his has gotten completely out of control. ”

The only problems he admits to are that birds build nests in his roof, and once, he claims his living room developed a bad case of dandruff, but that’s it.

Thorgensson seems to be living his dream, and no matter what the weather, on hot summer days, or cold winter days, he can usually be found outside, brushing his house.