Other Ways to Celebrate Woodstock 50

Well, it’s official—Woodstock 50 is off. But, just because the organizers couldn’t pull it together, that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate the legacy of that legendary festival. Here are a few suggestions for how to keep the spirit of Woodstock alive half a century later.

Drop enough acid that you think the festival is still happening!

Show how the values of non-conformity have reached another generation by dressing your babies up as hippies for the ‘gram.

Discover definitive proof that actor Matthew Perry is the fabled “Woodstock Baby”

Twenty-one gun salute to ‘Peace, Love, and Understanding’—all now officially lost causes

Mass orgy on Jimi Hendrix’s grave.

Forget Woodstock ’69. Celebrate ’99 by setting something on fire and punching your neighbor in the face

Find another pivotal cultural moment that your business can try and wring some cash out of

Go back and listen to the music that made Woodstock, perhaps for the first time while sober.