Pick-up Lines Overheard at the Trump Inauguration

Given President Trump’s notorious sexist comments about women, it wasn’t surprising to find several like-minded, machismo-fueled men scouring the inaugural events for a date. Here are some of the Pick-up Lines Overheard at the Trump Inauguration:

How about coming back to my room for some Breitbart and chill?

You’re like a great, great wall on our southern border… I can’t get over you.

I call my penis Labor Secretary Puzder because it will have you working overtime.

Let’s hang out, have a few drinks, and wait for Title IX enforcements to scale back.

I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away… and I just lost my Affordable Care Act coverage.

You can’t spell Mnuchin without U or I.

Let’s role play! I’ll be a small American business trying to expand and you be the liberal Nanny State that’s trying to hobble my growth.

Do you want to meet the guy who played Chachi on TV? Look no further!

You’re so hot that I might start believing global warming is not a hoax.

Want to do something deplorable? I’m ready to drain your swamp!

I have my own survey company just like Kellyanne Conway… want to take my pole?

Hey! Want to repeal and replace bodily fluids?

Care to explore your kinky side? I’m into watersports and waterboarding.