Soaring Surge Pricing That We Don’t Want to See

Wendy’s is facing pushback after suggesting it would roll out “dynamic pricing”, where the price of a burger would increase during peak hours. We hope this never happens, as it might lead to a horrible trend in surge pricing elsewhere.

The bathrooms at Taco Bell whenever someone orders the Beefy Five-Layer Burrito and a large Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze.

When you hit the last few pages of that best-selling mystery that you’ve downloaded to your Kindle.

Duolingo detecting you’ve walked into a dive bar in Caracas, Venezuela and are desperately trying to talk your way out of a silly misunderstanding with a local gang.

An additional charge when using the lost-and-found, based on the sentimental value of the item you are retrieving.

Every time MSNBC cuts to Steve Kornacki at the Big Board to highlight the latest results during its election night coverage.

A Powerball ticket will still only cost you $2 to play, but it will cost you an extra $20 to find out which numbers won.

Abortions performed in Idaho, Texas, Arkansas, Montana, and Tennessee after the fifth week.

Every porn site in December right after No Nut November.